Absorb Electronics by Dr Bill Phillips
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Understanding Circuits
 Introducing Circuits (Theory) 
 Prototype Circuits (Practical) 
 More About Circuits (Theory) 
 Using a Multimeter (Practical) 
Resistor and Sensor Circuits
 Resistors (Theory) 
 Investigating Lamps (Practical) 
 Voltage Dividers (Theory) 
 Investigating Sensors (Practical) 
 Switches (Theory) 
 Investigating Switches (Practical) 
Circuits in Action
 Signals (Theory) 
 Using an Oscilloscope (Practical) 
 Capacitors (Theory) 
 Make Your Own Capacitor (Practical) 
Diodes and Power Supplies
 Diodes (Theory) 
 Investigating Diodes (Practical) 
 Cells and Batteries (Theory) 
 Investigating Solar Cells (Practical) 
 Power Supplies (Theory) 
 Investigating Voltage Regulation (Practical) 
Active Devices
 Transistors (Theory) 
 In Search of an Automatic Porch Light (Practical)