Adding Content to a VLE

Absorb courses can be used online or you can download each unit to use within a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

Which version should I download?

Both SCORM v1.2 and SCORM 2004 versions are available to suit the requirements of your VLE.

Please check with you VLE vendor or documentation to confirm which version you should use. In most cases, Moodle users should download version 1.2.

How do I add units to my VLE?

After downloading the units, following the instructions provided by your VLE vendor to add SCORM content packages to your VLE.

Do I need to install the Absorb Viewers if I'm using a VLE?

Yes. To use the simulations within the units, the Absorb Viewers will need to be installed on each computer whether you are using the resources online or with a VLE. Without the Absorb Viewers installed, the units can still be used, except for the simulations. The text, questions, and other media items (e.g., animations, videos, graphics) will work.

For this reason, we provide network installers to allow deployment of the viewers across all computers on a network. Please see the installation instructions for details. You will also need the Flash Player installed on each computer.