Get Absorb Physics free for your school

Absorb Physics is a complete introduction to physics, with 102 lessons built around interactive animations, simulations and questions. Although some of the resources are available free online, you normally have to buy a licence for your school to use the full lessons.

Get your maths colleagues to try Sumdog...

We've recently launched a website with free maths games, called Sumdog. We want lots of schools to try it out, but a lot of the teachers we know cover science and technology, not mathematics.

...and we'll give your school a full site licence for Absorb Physics.

So we're asking science teachers to invite their colleagues in the maths department to try Sumdog; in return, we'll give the science teacher a free unlimited site licence for Absorb Physics - worth UK £400 (US $640). This offer is open until 31 December 2011.

To get your free site licence for Absorb Physics, your maths teacher needs to...

Once they've done this, just e-mail us, and tell us your school name and the maths teacher's Sumdog username. We'll reply with your login details for the Absorb physics lessons.