Absorb Mathematics by Kadie Armstrong

Absorb Mathematics

Absorb Mathematics is an interactive course written by Kadie Armstrong, a mathematician and an expert in developing interactive online content. It offers a huge amount of interactivity - ranging from simple animations that show hidden concepts, to powerful models that allow flexible experimentation.

Absorb Mathematics is divided into units – roughly corresponding to a lesson – so you can follow the structure of the course all the way through or use the units individually when covering a particular topic or concept. Each unit provides an engaging narrative supported by interactive animations, our unique simulations and exercises to ensure concepts have been understood.

Try the free sample units in your class. Also try downloading SCORM-compliant sample units for use in your VLE or learning management system.

Absorb Mathematics Resources

If you are disappointed with the quality of free resources that can be downloaded from the internet, then maybe Absorb Mathematics Resources with 469 high quality resources (animations & graphics) is what you need. Perfect for creating your own whiteboard presentations.

Absorb Mathematics Resources is a lower cost alternative to Absorb Mathematics that allows you to view or download the resources but not to view or download units from Absorb Mathematics.

Use downloaded resources:

  • in PowerPoint presentations;
  • with whiteboard authoring software provided by companies such as Promethean or Smart;
  • in VLEs or Learning Management Systems;
  • offline, in a classroom without an internet connection.

Free Resources

You can view the resources from Absorb Mathematics online free of charge. Over 250,000 users have benefited from this service already, testament to the quality of Absorb. Click here to search for free resources.

Why are they free?

Because we're sure that once you've used them online you'll want to buy Absorb Mathematics Resources, so that you can download them and make your own presentations!

Product Comparison Table

Feature Absorb Mathematics Absorb Mathematics Resources Free Resources
View units online yes    
Narrative & exercises yes    
Download units for your VLE yes    
Download "resources" yes yes  
View "resources" online yes yes yes

All Absorb products include free home use for students and teachers.

How to Buy

When you buy an Absorb product you will be provided with a login. See Absorb Prices for more details of how to buy.